Sayonara Amerika, Sayonara Nippon
さよならアメリカ さよならニッポン
Michael K. Bourdaghs's Home Page

Welcome!  This page contains information about my
work in modern Japanese literature and culture, my
creative writing, my everchanging musical likes and
dislikes, and other useless information.  All opinions,
rational conclusions, emotional outbursts, etc., are my
own.  All errors are the fault of someone else.  
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Artwork by Versea Bourdaghs (1941-2008)
All contents copyright 2019
by Michael K. Bourdaghs
Recent Fiction and Creative Writing:
(Complete listing available here.)
"A Tale of Two Grave Robbers," short story,  in
Foreign #1 (2018).

"When a Derelict Angel Speaks," short story, in
Valpraiso Fiction Review 5:1 (2015)

"This Hallowed Ground," short story, published  in
Prime Number Magazine #43 (2013).

"In My Room (Ganz Allein)," novella, published
Eunoia Review (2013).

"Timing is Everything," short story, published in
Temporary Infinity #2 (2011).

"Invasive Species," short story, published in Avery:  
An Anthology of New Fiction
, #4 (2009).  The
Emperor of Japan takes historical responsibility, one
fish at a time.  

"Memoirs of a Geist," short story, published in
Hawai'i Pacific Review, Vol. 16 (2002).  Man
walks into a bar; turns out he's Hegel's Geist.

"Disorientation Day," short story, published in
Colere, Vol. 2 (2002).  Rockabilly meets Husker Du
on the streets of Tokyo, circa 1987.