Artist's Statement (2007)
   My first public art exhibit was in 1994 at Hamline University, St. Paul,
Minnesota.  Prior to completing graduate work at Hamline, I created
artwork for my own pleasure and to satisfy a strong desire for creative
self-expression.  I have taken art history, drawing, and art technique
classes, but consider myself to be mostly self-taught.  The core of my work
is rooted in personal experiences and observations of life, and a strong
interest in the struggle for social justice and human dignity.     
Community of Hope #53 (2002)
Also known as Web of Life #5
Watercolor, 17” diameter
Private collection
  I want to give visual
expression to the human
capacity to "soar beyond" limits,
where immediate circumstances
of life such as gender, race, or
social status do not define who
you are.  Hope, which I examine
from a spiritual and
philosophical perspective, is the
paramount theme in my
artwork.  My current work
focuses on the relational aspect
of hope and our own
individuality where
"humanness," self, and purpose
are celebrated as boundless
and to be human means loving
lavishly and joyously in the
relational web of all life.
  My style is symbolic and expressive rather than realistic.  My passion is
color.  Much of my work is influenced by people who are able to thrive in
spite of difficult lives.  They define themselves by their dreams and create
loving communities.  It is these attributes I express in my works.
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