The First Collages
In the early 1990s, while a graduate student at Hamline University, Versea began
exploring the philosophy of hope in a series of mixed-media collages.  These
pieces use somber colors, usually set against a white background. As she wrote in
"Personal Forward" to her M.A. Thesis, The Parameters of Hope:

    Rather than seeing suffering as a
    completely negative force which I did
    initially, I have come to respect its
    potential for bringing about inner spiritual
    transformation and the power that lies
    within shared suffering to build inner
    strengths and deep spiritual bonds.  In this
    potential for goodness lies the deepest
    dimension of hope.

The works reproduced here were first exhibited in a one-woman show at the
Hamline University Fine Art Gallery  in 1994.
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Spirit-Centered Self (1993)
Mixed media, 18" by 32"
Family collection
Spiritual Vision (1992)
Mixed media, 22" by 30"
Family collection
Self-Portrait (1992)
Mixed media, 28" by 22"
Family Collection
One With the Universe (1994)
Mixed media, 40" by 32"
Private collection
Universal Love (1993)
Mixed media, 40" by 32"
Family collection
The Relational Web of All Life (1994)
Mixed media, 40" by 32"
Family collection