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While Versea only began exhibiting her art
publicly in the 1990s, she had a lifelong
interest in painting.  Here we present a
small sampling of the many oil and acrylic
paintings she produced in the decades
before that.  In these early paintings, we
can see foreshadowing of the themes and
images that would emerge in her mature
collages and watercolors.   
Untitled, 1960s
One of Versea's first paintings
Oil on canvasboard, 12"x9"
Study based on Don Juhlin,
Family collection
Untitled, 1980s
Acrylic, 35"x30"
Private collection
Untitled abstract landscape, 1970s
Study based on "Landscape #2" by Rita Barnett
Acrylic, 48"x30"
Private collection
Untitled, 1960s
Oil on canvasboard, 18"x24"
Family collection
Untitled cubist butterfly, 1970s
Acrylic, 28"x50"
Family collection
Untitled landscape, 1970s
Acryylic, 35"x18"
Family collection
Untitled painting of flowers,
Mixed media, dimensions
Private collection