9/13/20: A documentary film, "Versea's
Window," will be screened on outside of
Versea's former house in St. Paul at 8:oo
p.m. on the evenings of Sept. 17-19,
2020. Please wear masks and practice
social distancing if you attend.

9/3/11:  We've established a new
Facebook page for Versea's art.  Come
visit us
there and "Like" us!

4/22/11:  This coming Monday (April 25,
2011) would have been Versea's 70th
birthday.  Family and friends will gather in
Minnesota to celebrate her life and

3/1/11:  Several of Versea's paintings
were on display at a February 26 Art
Crawl sponsored by St. Paul's Lutheran
Church in Stillwater, MN, Versea's

9/26/10:  Two prints of Versea's
watercolors will be on display at the
upcoming St. Paul Art Crawl (Oct. 8-10).  
Look for them in a special exhibit
devoted to works by long-time members
of the Art Crawl Board in the SPAC
Lowertown Gallery (Northern Warehouse
building, 308 Prince Street).  More details
about the Art Crawl are available on their

4/20/10:  A retrospective exhibit of some
of Versea's best work (including
paintings never before publicly exhibited)
will be held in the art gallery at
in Stillwater, Minnesota, from
May 4 through June 29.  New prints and
cards will be available for purchase at the
hospital gift shop during the show.

11/28/09:  We are in the preliminary
stages of planning another public
exhibition of Versea Bourdaghs' works in
her hometown of Stillwater, Minnesota,
for early summer of 2010.  Check back
here for more details.
Unfinished work, 2000s
Existential Hope #15
Watercolor and pastel, 22”x30”
Private collection
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