Watercolors from the 1990s
The Muses of Freedom, 1999
Watercolor and acrylic, 23" by 21"
Published in
Women Artists Datebook 2000
(Syracuse, NY:  Syracuse Cultural Workers, 1999)
Private collection
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House of Hope (1997)
Watercolor, 29" by 22"
Private collection
Spiritual Sojourn (1998)
Watercolor & acrylic, 28”x30”
Exhibited 90th Fine Arts Exhibition, 2001 Minnesota State
Private collection
Guatemala (1999)
Watercolor & pastel, 13" by 15"
Family collection
After her 1997 trip to Guatemela, Versea began exploring the used
of vivid colors in a series of watercolors that also employed
pastels, acrylic paint, and other media.  This marked a decisive
turning point in her artistic development.  
Unity (1999)
Watercolor and pastel, 23" by
Family collection
Letting Go (1998)
Watercolor & pastel, 17” by 22”
Private collection
Silent Night (1997)
Mixed media, 15”by 15”
Private collection